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Product Description

'The Big Cheese' Live Catch Mouse Traps are easy to use and come pre-baited. Designed to catch live mice in your home, to be safely released back in to the wild.


For best results set traps back to back and in pairs.  In the case of severe infestations, pairs of traps set at 2-3 metre intervals will help to ensure the maximum catch.

  • Take bait plate out of the trap, remove cover and place back in trap.
  • Open door, place trap on hard surface with rear elevated.
  • Trap tips back when mouse enters, causing the door to shut and lock.
  • Check traps every 2 hours, and remove traps when regular inspection is not possible.
  • For live release, hold trap just above the ground, and open with door facing away from you.

Trapping tips:

  • Place traps parallel to wall and as close to it as possible.
  • Two traps may be placed back-to-back to maximise results.
  • Allow 48 hours for initial catch. If no catch occurs, try relocating traps to the most affected area. You can also try using a supplemental bait, block up any entry holes and store foodstuffs securely. 

Additional information:

  • Wear protective gloves when handling activated traps
  • Welfare friendly - Catch alive
  • In severely affected areas, use more than one trap. Mice live in groups, so place traps 2-3 metres apart to ensure maximum catch.
  • For additional information, see product packaging.


'The Big Cheese' easy to use, Live Catch Mouse Traps from STV. Welfare friendly control, to catch mice alive. Baited and ready to use.

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